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Pokemon Moveset Application

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Pokemon Moveset Application





Static Demo

Competency Questions

Query Prefixes:

PREFIX uo: <> 
PREFIX owl: <> 
PREFIX rdf: <> 
PREFIX sio: <> 
PREFIX dct: <> 
PREFIX xml: <> 
PREFIX xsd: <> 
PREFIX prov: <> 
PREFIX rdfs: <> 
PREFIX skos: <> 
PREFIX valo: <> 
PREFIX val-kb: <> 
PREFIX fibo-fnd-aap-agt: <>
PREFIX fibo-fnd-aap-ppl: <>
PREFIX fibo-fnd-arr-cls: <>
PREFIX fibo-fnd-arr-lif: <>
PREFIX fibo-fnd-dt-fd: <>
PREFIX fibo-fnd-dt-oc: <>
PREFIX fibo-fnd-gao-obj: <>
PREFIX fibo-fnd-org-fm: <>
PREFIX fibo-fnd-plc-loc: <>
PREFIX fibo-fnd-pty-pty: <>
PREFIX fibo-fnd-pty-rl: <>
PREFIX fibo-fnd-qt-qtu: <>
PREFIX fibo-fnd-rel-rel: <>
PREFIX fibo-fnd-utl-alx: <>
PREFIX fibo-fnd-utl-av: <>
PREFIX lcc-cr: <>
PREFIX lcc-lr: <>
PREFIX sm: <>
PREFIX pkm-mvs: <>
PREFIX pkm-mvs-ind:  <>

Competency Question 1

Assembling a team of Pokémon that know specific moves is the core idea of the Pokémon Moveset Ontology, but it is not always straightfoward to get a Pokémon that knows certain moves, as there are multiple ways a Pokémon can learn a move. This query returns information on how Noivern can learn each one of these moves, for each one it can:

move method_name method_info
Hurricane “learn by level up” 56
Hurricane “learn from item” “technical record #89”
Draco Meteor “learn from move tutor” “Ace Trainer”
Air Slash “learn from item” “technical record #95”
Defog “learn by inheritance”  

Competency Question 2

The most complex method of learning a move is the “learning through inheritance” method. In order for a Pokémon to learn a Move through inheritance, specific parent Pokémon must be bred together–and in order for two Pokémon to breed, they must be compatible breeding partners (in the same egg group). To be as applicable as possible, we designed this query to return all compatible breeding partners of Hydreigon:

breeding_partner_name egg_group_name
“Deino” “Dragon egg group”
“Hydreigon” “Dragon egg group”
“Noibat” “Dragon egg group”
“Zweilous” “Dragon egg group”
“Noivern” “Dragon egg group”

The above query answers the more general question of “What are the compatible breeding partners of Hydreigon?”, as we think it useful to demonstrate how to do this, and since Noivern is included in the list, it answers the question of whether Hydreigon and Noivern can breed. Alternatively, to only return true or false if Hydreigon and Noivern can breed, we can use the following query:


Competency Question 3

An Egg Move is a move which is learned through inheritance and breeding. This query returns all valid Egg Moves for the Pokémon species Noivern:

Dragon Rush

We can add a filter to the above query to return just Defog if it is a valid Egg Move for the Pokémon species Noivern:


Competency Question 4

An Egg Move is a move which is learned through inheritance and breeding. This query returns chains of different Pokémon that you can breed successively in order to eventually get a Noibat which knows the move Defog.

move_name PSTART p1 p2 p_end
Defog Noibat     Rufflet
Defog Noibat     Braviary
Defog Noibat Noivern   Rufflet
Defog Noibat Noivern   Braviary

p2 is empty, but we still return it here to show that we can return longer and longer chains of Pokemon to inherit from.

Competency Question 5

In order to get a Pokémon with moves you want, you first need to get the Pokémon. There are usually multiple different ways to obtain a member of a specific Pokémon species–this query returns all methods to obtain Rufflet:

method_name method_info
“obtain from wild” “Lake of Outrage”
“obtain from wild” “Bridge Field”