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Patient Guideline Recommender

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Patient Guideline Recommender





Maintenenance Policy

Our maintainance policy is primarily focused on ensuring that we continue representing the ADA guidelines as accurately as possible. We would never change the name of our ontology or its URL. This will ensure that references to our ontology will always be valid and that we will not break applications that may come to rely on our ontology in the future. Any future changes to the ontology will be appropriately documented both in the headers of the ontology itself and in accompanying documentation. Future versions of the ontology with “breaking changes” will be hosted at new URLs so that previous versions of the ontology continue to be available.

Getting Involved

There are several places where the project could expand. Different types of expansion include including more ADA guidelines, adding other common types of food-related capacities such as caloric values of different foods using an external ontology, and implementing the application UI that would be facing ordinary consumers. If you are interested in contributing to the project or have any other ideas or suggestions, please contact us at the emails below:

Liam Feehery,

Ishita Padhiar,

Travis Peterson,

Bolun “Namir” Xia,