Whyis is a nano-scale knowledge graph publishing, management, and analysis framework.

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Configuring Whyis

Whyis is configured within a generated app using the file config.py. This includes a number of options that can be added or modified. The file contains a baseline config object with customizations for production, development, and testing.

Enabling Anonymous Access

By defualt, Whyis requires users to be authenticated to access the knowledge graph. Read-only anonymous access can be enabled by adding the following entry:


Using BlazeGraph Bulk Loading

Whyis can use the Blazegraph custom bulk loader API if configured. To use it with the default configuration, add the following entries to the config object:

    knowledge_useBlazeGraphBulkLoad = True,
    knowledge_bulkLoadEndpoint = 'http://localhost:8080/blazegraph/dataloader',
    knowledge_BlazeGraphProperties = '/apps/whyis/knowledge.properties',
    load_dir = '/data/loaded',
    knowledge_bulkLoadNamespace = 'knowledge',